Secret Chiefs 3 Announce 'Book of Souls: Folio A'

Secret Chiefs 3 Announce 'Book of Souls: Folio A'
It's been a long time coming, but experimental project Secret Chiefs 3 are finally properly following up 2004's Book of Horizons with a new set called Book of Souls: Folio A.

A press release explains that the new album, which arrives November 26 Web of Mimicry, is the second chapter of the metal- and world music-influenced band's proposed "mega-trilogy." The album has been a decade in the making, and found the Trey Spruance-led outfit tracking material in San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, the UK and France.

In addition to their leader, the "small army of musicians" involved with the LP include Timb Harris, Ches Smith, Shahzad Ismaily, Anonymous 13, Danny Heifetz, William Winant, with live-band initiates Matt Lebofsky, Kenny Grohowski and Toby Driver .

Previews from the album have yet to be let loose, as well as the tracklisting, but the genre-defying musical weirdoes are said to "remain blissfully ignorant of current musical fashions" on Book of Souls: Folio A.

Earlier this year, the Secret Chiefs' Book of M and Book of Horizons LPs were reissued through French label !aNGRr!, with both albums being made available in North America through Web of Mimicry.