Second Drake Show Cancelled in NYC

Second Drake Show Cancelled in NYC
Just two weeks after Drake was forced to cancel a free show due to overzealous fans, the Toronto, ON rapper has had to cancel a second free show in NYC.

As MTV points out, Drake was in talks to play a free show on July 16 as part of ABC's Good Morning America summer concert series, but plans fell through, with Drake being replaced by the cast of the Green Day musical, American Idiot.

Reasons for the cancellation depend on which source you believe. A spokesperson for the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation told MTV News that concert organizers simply changed their minds, stating, "There was an open date on the calendar for July 16, but they decided to feature the cast of the Broadway show, American Idiot."

However, the New York Daily News tell a different story, after a Drake representative told them that there was indeed a "booking in place," but that the show may have been cancelled by New York police due to safety issues.

Is "Drizzy" too big for the Big Apple? It's certainly starting to look that way.