Seb Fontaine Perfecto Presents…Seb Fontaine

Ok, so Euro-techno trash may be putting it harshly, but it’s difficult not to have that sort of opinion about this album. Perfecto Presents…Seb Fontaine is a two-disc set of non-stop, monotonous, repetitive, borderline mindless drivel that lacks artistry and creativity. The rap sheet on electronic music is that it is often too simplistic and uncreative; sad to say, Perfecto Presents…Seb Fontaine is exactly that. While it is easy to appreciate the fact that not all types of music appeal to everyone, it’s difficult to overlook the sheer droning quality of the tracks on this CD. Talk about getting lost in a beat or a melody — in this case, you’ll be lost in total confusion as to the point of it all. You’d have to be high on something other than life to get into a groove on Perfecto Presents…Seb Fontaine. Perhaps it is a case in point that music exists out there for everyone. On the real, many often wonder what a progressive house album sounds like, one listen to Perfecto Presents…Seb Fontaine and the difference will be made clear; its sound is not for the fair at heart. (Thrive)