Seapony Go with Me

SeaponyGo with Me
Last year, Seapony made a minor splash in the blogosphere with their single "Dreaming," a blissful tune brimming with innocent romance and crackling, lo-fi guitar grit. That song reappears here as the lead track, setting the tone for the rest of the collection. The Seattle, WA trio don't offer much in the way of variety and nearly every song relies on the similar formula of canned beats, three-chord strumming and singer Jen Weidl's fragile vocals. As pretty as their indie pop ditties are, it gets a little tiring in large doses, making the album feel longer than its 34-minute runtime. The band show fleeting glimpses of branching out ― "What You See" weaves a gorgeous patchwork of interlocking arpeggios, while the slide solo that concludes "I Really Do" pushes the song into an unexpected country direction. Such moments suggest that Seapony still have unrealized potential, reaffirming their status as a band to watch. (Hardly Art)