Sean Nicholas Savage Reveals 'Bermuda Waterfall,' Premieres New Song

Sean Nicholas Savage Reveals 'Bermuda Waterfall,' Premieres New Song
Lo-fi indie lounge artiste Sean Nicholas Savage took a look at the world in 2013 while supporting his Other Life LP, and he has shaped those experiences into a follow-up album called Bermuda Waterfall.

Savage's next set drops May 13 through Arbutus Records, and a statement from the quirky songwriter has him explaining he wrote much of the lyrics "whilst travelling between one place I loved and another place/people I loved, and trying to describe my most potent dreams related to my most potent life experiences."  He added that the songs foster "a feeling of loneliness."

The personal song cycle is said to further explore a broad range of genres, including jazz, punk, country and bossa nova. "Heartless" and "Hands Dance" are said to be marked with Spanish guitar playing, "Darkness" brings out "cinematic piano," and "Empire" and "Some Things Never Die" dabble in "romanticist soul."

You can sample the vintage keys and island rhythms of first single "Naturally" down below, where you'll also find the tracklisting.

Ahead of the album release, Savage will be making his way through the U.S. before arriving at Austin's SXSW festival. There are no Canadian dates to report, but you can see the stateside show schedule beneath the album info.

Bermuda Waterfall:

1. Boogie Nights
2. Naturally
3. The Rat
4. Heartless
5. Empire
6. Hanging On
7. Bermuda Waterfall
8. Darkness
9. Hands Dance
10. Please Set Me Free
11. Vampire
12. Some Things Never Die

Tour dates:

03/01 Boston MA - Whitehaus
03/02 Brooklyn NY - Signal Gallery
03/03 Durham NC - Duke Coffeehouse
03/05 Baltimore MD - The Crown
03/06 Charlottesville VA - Twisted Branch
03/07 Atlanta GA - Mammal Gallery
03/08 Savannah GA - Savannah Stopover
03/09 Athens GA - Secret Squirrel
03/10 Tallahassee FL - The Mansion

03/12 Austin TX - Remedy (Strange Victory Touring Showcase)
03/13 Austin TX - Headhunters (Mint Records Party)
03/13 Austin TX - Maggie Mae (M For Montreal Party)
03/14 Austin TX - Burger Records Pool Party