Sean McCann

Ten Impressions for Piano and Strings

Sean McCannTen Impressions for Piano and Strings
Sometime around the year 2008, thick vapour trails of delirious drone goodness began emanating from the West coast of the United States, centred on Sean McCann and his Roll Over Rover imprint. Within a few years, McCann's fecundity and ear for highly textured and malleable sound resulted in a catalogue of considerable depth and quality.
In 2012, he kicked off the Recital label by dropping a collaborative release with Matthew Sullivan. McCann turned a page in his music making, choosing to focus on exploration, stretching out to unearth intriguing new sounds. The following year, Music for Private Ensemble arrived, signalling a shift away from electronics and toward orchestration and composition for acoustic instruments. With Ten Impressions for Piano and Strings, McCann continues his sonic adventure, proving that he will forever continue to push forward and grow.
Having come together over a four-year timespan, the album is a finely honed marriage of all facets of the artist's body of work. String passages dissolve into mist as piano melodies form constellations across the night sky, while gravity-defying passages of undifferentiated sound weave into thick clouds of peacefulness. This album is a beacon, a signpost beckoning others to join McCann as he travels ever onward in his journey of sound. (Root Strata)
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