Sealey / Oddie / Spybey SOS

There’s nothing more that I like than a good organic-ambient-electronic record. SOS is just that. Solidly presenting sounds that originate from outer space (literally), this recording sinks into you like a sumptuous meal. Progressing from a video game special effects course, to a barely audible hiss factory, SOS takes you on a journey into the minds of this trio’s warped audio ways of thinking. The closest aspiration I could draw from this aural document are the early recordings of :zoviet*france. The same gritty force evokes thoughts of despair, darkness and isolation. You can expect distant chants one minute, repetitive and gruelling noises the next. It all adds up to an aural adventure of discovery and bliss. Did I mention that they’re home-grown (from Montreal) or does that really matter? (Disques Hushush)