SCSI-9 Digital Russian

After numerous well-received tech-house singles, Russian duo SCSI-9 present their debut album. It follows in the same vein as their previous releases — slick, well-programmed house beats with looped bass lines and minimal melodies. "Out Of Friend” is a sweet number with a brisk pace and touches of acid. "Horizon 16” echoes early deep house with its soft organ keys, yet its modern clicky beats give it a fresh feel. "Triptych” is one of the best tracks on the album; it has a wiggly bass line, crisp beats and just a hint of looped melody. One odd experiment is "Deep & Fax,” it has a definite electroclash sound to it, but manages to avoid an ’80s feel. The dub-heavy "My Sunday Zoo” has some nice echo effects going on. The other tracks are fairly average minimal tech-house. The album holds together quite well, but the sounds they use often seem very similar. If you don’t pay too much attention, it’s an enjoyable listen. (Force Tracks)