Scratch Records Celebrates 20 Years

Scratch Records Celebrates 20 Years
Scratch Records (the label and distributor) will celebrate its 20th anniversary in November with three commerative shows headlined by Black Mountain, the mighty Thor and Destroyer, with the possibility of two very special reunions (shamefully bad anagram hints: "conduct or super" and "city devils murder").

Here are the line-ups:

November 3 @ Richard's on Richards
Black Mountain w/ Climax Golden Twins, Mexican Power Authority

November 9 @ Bourbon Street
Thor w/ Riff Randells, French Paddleboat, Dustin Cole, Itch, Weathered Pines, Heartfelt

November 10 @ Richards on Richards
Destroyer w/ Vote Robot, Pink Mountaintops, Tranzmitors, Vancougar, Hilarity!