Scratch: All The Way Live

The art of cutting is best consumed in smaller doses, but when Mix Master Mike, Z-Trip, Jazzy Jay and the X-Ecutioners are on the bill, you're in store for something more entertaining than your usual turntable trickery. The mid-sized audience's cheers during this L.A. showcase sound as if they were enhanced, but you can't deny the intensity of watching the X-Ecutioners absolutely pulverise Def Jam classics through beat-juggling and every flick of Mix Master Mike's wrist. The DVD contains a short documentary featuring Obey's Shepard Fairey, as he teaches us to make wheat paste for poster bombing, as well as a rather sloppy jam session with the tour's line-up and Q-Bert perched at the front of the stage with his beloved QFO turntable. All The Way Live makes a nice companion piece to the Scratch documentary but unlike Scratch it isn't essential viewing. (Scratch/Immortal,