Scotty Hard The Return of Kill Dog E

Scotty Hard was one of the things that helped make New Kingdom sound so completely different. He produced for them under the name Scott Harding. He has also put in work for a number of other artists, most notably Björk. The majority of his new album, The Return Of Kill Dog E, is just so hard-rockin' good. With the exception of the boring, Wu-inspired "Who Said (What)?" featuring King Cobra, Watah Mokk and Horus, the album is a creative journey in a lopsided trailer truck. The drums are the hard, metal kind with smooth sounds sampled over top. A lot of the best-produced tracks are instrumentals ("Lurking In The Shadows" and "Raw Nerves"), but guest MCs like Sebstop (previously of New Kingdom, now of Truck Stop), Sensational (of Jungle Brothers fame), Mr. Dead (of Metabolics) and Anti-Pop Consortium turn out some great tracks. Opening track "Modus Operandi: 456" and "Spitting In The Eye Of The World" both feature Sebstop and have that nicely familiar New Kingdom sound. Sensational lazes his way through another exceptional track with what appears to be no effort at all on "Pockets Fat." Along with "Bubble In The Haze," featuring High Priest and Sayyid of Anti-Pop Consortium, these songs make for a high quality purchase that should get plenty of spins. (Wordsound)