Scott Kelly Spirit Bound Flesh

Although sonically stripped down to guitar and keyboards, Neurosis's Scott Kelly still takes daring listeners into the mental void even without the buffeting guitar sawing and tribal drum pummelling that his alma mater is renowned for. This musical alternate mindset is a type of introspective and minimalist baroque gothic country; like Johnny Cash or Hank Williams doing the soundtrack for The Omen. He relies on using his rumbling yet soothing and orb-like voice instead, accompanied by a sonic caravan of spooky acoustic guitars and keyboards that trollop through a raw and treacherous dynamic desert. And when filtered through some intense soul searching lyrics that conceptually mirror the roots of human existence (it obviously sounds as if he has been through a lot of turmoil), his honesty leaves you to put your own soul dangling on a thread, exposed to the elements for all to absorb. It is purity to the highest extremities. (Neurot)