Scott H. Biram The Dirty Old One Man Band

As someone who’s had the privilege of seeing Bob Log III several times right in my own backyard, I’m a little jaded when I hear of a new maniac, X-rated blues hollerer on the scene. But right from the opening stomp of "Blood, Sweat & Murder,” the Austin-based Biram comes on like a backwoods Howlin’ Wolf. And things only get better from there. All the bases are covered: truck driving, whiskey drinking, barbeque, cheating women, and every other manner of sin and salvation. But what is most remarkable is Biram’s performance, which sounds uncannily similar to how Harmonica Frank Floyd sounded when he recorded "Rockin’ Chair Daddy” at Sun Studios in 1951 — the first rock’n’roll record. Biram clearly knows his history too, dropping references to John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters and even Jimmie Rodgers ("Muleskinner Blues”) all over the place. Sure, Bob Log may have the edge at the moment as an entertainer, but Scott H. Biram is definitely the real deal. (Bloodshot)