Scotch Tapes Recruits Young Governor, AIDS Wolf, Shearing Pinx for Fuck Winter Comp

Scotch Tapes Recruits Young Governor, AIDS Wolf, Shearing Pinx for <i>Fuck Winter</i> Comp
Get your credit card or PayPal account primed, because the following release might be sold-out by the time you finish reading this story. Scotch Tapes, one of Canada's leading cassette labels, has announced a doozy of a sunny compilation cassette that features a wide array of emerging and established Canadian indie and punk acts.

Titled Fuck Winter, the cassette was created to be as pro-summer as possible. "I hate winter... like REALLLLLY hate winter," said Scotch Tapes label head Al in a press release. "I wanted to mark the coming summer with a tape that would be great for driving to the beach, getting drunk on a patio or camping with that special someone (someone who also hates winter). This tape is a fucking monster."

With contributions from Young Governor, AIDS Wolf, Mess Folk, Shearing Pinx, Wet Hair, Pompoir, Fever Fever, Tayside Mental Health and many others, "fucking monster" doesn't begin to describe the quality of the release. Most of the tracks are previously unreleased, and the cassette will be limited to 250 copies, so act fast. Copies can be pre-ordered here and will ship on June 21.

Fuck Winter:

Side A:

1. Fever Fever "Who Asked You?"
2. Pompoir "Who's There?"
3. Kid Romance "Eyeball Curtain"
4. Wet Hair "Untitled"
5. Mess Folk "Prostitute Love Affair"
6. Ice, Sea, Dead, People "Laser Brain"
7. Ultimate Thrush "General Meat"
8. Tayside Mental Health "Mosquito Breeding Hotline"
9. Plastic Crimewave Sound "Caged Fire"
10. AIDS Wolf "Rigid"
11. Endometrium Cuntplow "Thoughts Taste Like Dead Things"
Side B:

1.Talk Normal "B-L-U-E-S"
2. Great Slave Lake "The Marching Drums of Glacial Migration"
3. BITCHES "Hunting"
4. Divorce "The 29 Steps Towards Achieving Personal Actualization"
5. Meat Curtains "Starrr Dobson"
6. Shearing Pinx "Marked Man"
7. Fuck Montreal "Knife Fuck"
8. Young Governor "I Love You, Burt"
9. Spreaders "Book Club"
10. Desalvo "Latrine Lizard"
11. N.213 "Shark Bite"
12. Buck & Kinch "Death Letter"