Scotch Egg Tantalizing

Scotch Egg is one M Zappaterra, straight outta Switzerland. This drum & bass workout is notable for the superior programming — it is clear that Scotch Egg has taken a great deal of time to create sounds that don’t sound like some fancy pre-set on the latest synth. In terms of overall ambience, Tantalizing is light on the most annoying d&b clichés. Clever vocal hooks are at a minimum and when they do come up they are twisted in unusual and entertaining ways. The doomy bass accents that pass for tonal colour on so many records are also not in evidence — rather than come up with one or two spine-crushing bleeps to sprinkle over beats, the swirl of delays, deftly programmed synth patches and environmental sounds give each track its own personality. Scotch Egg’s rhythm programming is a liability, though. The first few tracks of this disc are pretty dull, beat and bass line wise, but things get a little funkier by the time “Space Dialogue” touches down. On repeated listening, the beats don’t hinder the overall flow, but I found myself enjoying the spaces around the grooves more than the grooves themselves. (Pacific Time)