Scissor Sisters to Write Music for 'Fraggle Rock' Film

Scissor Sisters to Write Music for 'Fraggle Rock' Film
The last time Scissor Sisters released an album, 2010's Night Work, it was adorned with a racy picture of a backside sporting an impressive wedgie. The group's next work will be decidedly more family-friendly, as they've just signed on to score a new Hollywood adaption of the classic children's TV show Fraggle Rock.

Music Week reports that frontman Jake Shears and guitarist Babydaddy have been commissioned to write the music for the upcoming flick. This curious project came to pass after Scissor Sisters' publisher, Spirit Music, struck a deal with family entertainment specialist the Jim Henson Company.

Spirit managing director Mark Fried said of the deal, "By working with them [Henson] right from the very start it means that we can make music an integral part of the film; as important and as emotionally effective as the filmmaking -- helping the two to co-promote each other."

As you probably already know, Fraggle Rock was a music-heavy live action puppet show that aired during the '80s. Music is an important part of the show's legacy, as "Fraggle Rock Theme" was a charting single in the UK. We're guessing that Scissor Sisters will be recording their own version of the tune. There's no firm date for the movie, but it's currently slated to arrive in 2012.

This is sounding a lot like Zooey Deschanel's recent contribution to the Winnie the Pooh soundtrack.