Schizoid All Things Are Connected

The one man wrecking crew that is Jay Smith's Schizoid keeps steamrolling along, destroying woofers and tweeters and creating aural mayhem by relieving himself of any responsibility to write "a song" and making as much psychotic noise in the process. This new release from Canada's favourite sonic terrorist has progressed to the point where a definite style is beginning to rear its head. Schizoid takes all things electronic (keyboards, samplers, effects, drum machines) and combines it with the cold, harsh and abusive sounds of murderous black metal and uses a combine harvester to piece it all together. The result is coursing power electronics butting heads with a bunch of skinny rich kids from Norway with no respect for traditional values concerning music or the listeners sanity. Whitehouse and Dissecting Table butting heads with Emperor and Darkthrone as written by Kid 606 and Carl Crack. I still can't listen to this album in one sitting without images of straitjackets and sedatives popping to mind. Maybe that's how it's supposed to be. (Dtrash)