The Scenics Dead Man Walks Down Bayview

The ScenicsDead Man Walks Down Bayview
There's always something a little scary about a much-loved, influential band deciding to get back together and recording new music, as recapturing that original magic is usually incredibly tough. Fortunately, the Scenics have reunited with nary a misstep; they've delved into their archives for a couple of albums' worth of old material, played a bunch of live shows and it's now time for the inevitable new record. Dead Man Walks Down Bayview is their first studio album in about 30 years, featuring songs written during the past couple of decades. There's nothing terribly unexpected about it — there's still a strong Velvet Underground influence, most notably on opener "Dark Cave," and the slower songs are reminiscent of Edwyn Collins' solo work. The overall effect isn't that different from the last Vaselines album — a perfect extension of their earlier work that took into account the fact that they've matured and mellowed along the way. It might not be as punk as they once were, but they've done nothing to sully their reputation. (Dream Tower)