Scarlett Johansson Auctioning Off Used Tissue On eBay

Scarlett Johansson Auctioning Off Used Tissue On eBay
Attention weirdos with way too much money: Scarlett Johansson is auctioning off a used tissue on eBay.

Earlier this week, the snot rag left behind by the actress/singer went up for sale on the digital auction site and, as of press time, is going for $2,280 US ($2,797 CDN) after nearly 70 bids.

Apparently, the tissue has "value" because Johansson used it to blow her nose after catching a cold from Samuel L. Jackson, the item description says. Also, the star used the tissue on a recent taping of The Tonight Show and it's sealed in a ziplock bag and signed by Johansson, adding more value to the item.

The proceeds of this auction, which ends on December 22, will go to the charity USA Harvest.

Here are some real questions and answers on eBay about this one of a kind item:

Q: Could you also get Jay Leno to sneeze into the tissue? Thanks.
A: Hello. No, unfortunately the tissue is as it happened on
The Tonight Show the bag was sealed, autographed live on the show, and put away. We will not be re-opening the bag. We will be vacuum-sealing the ziplock bag into another bag before we ship it to preserve the contents. Thanks for your question.

Q: I'm going to place a very large bid... Can you supply a DNA analysis/report? I'm sure you understand.
A: Hello, no, we will not provide any DNA analysis. We will provide the tissue in the autographed bag, as seen on the show and in the pictures here, and the pictures and video of the segment to document it sent to you from
The Tonight Show in Burbank. Thank you...

To place bids on the snotty leftovers and try to own a little piece of Scarlett, you can do so here.

Scarlett Johansson and the supposed tissue