Scapegoat Wax Okeeblow

Followers and fans of Grand Royal might take notice and perk up their ears to the fact that Marty James (aka Scapegoat Wax) is the latest release on the highly respected label. Sadly, this isn't the quality that we're used to from the Los Angeles-based camp. Scapegoat Wax is all over the board, from hip-hop to sickening pop to lame ballads that come across sounding like Kid Rock. Tracks like "Space to Share" sound more suited to Smash Mouth than anything Mike D and company would approve of. Even production on a few tracks by musical mastermind Mario Caldato Jr. can't save James's commercial sound. Points are awarded for the attempt to muster up an original sound but for the most part, Okeeblow is terribly weak and will probably only appeal to curious teenagers that think everything on Grand Royal sounds like the Beastie Boys. (Grand Royal)