Scanner and Tonne Sound Polaroids

Sound Polaroids is based on an interactive art installation on subjective experiences in urban environments. In other words, artists Scanner, Tonne and Stephen Vitellio walked through a major city recording their sojourns via image and sound and rearranged their findings in a gallery setting to attempt some form of personal narrative. The prospect of listening to an art installation based on field recordings seemed rather dull — like being subjected to family vacation photos or videos. Fortunately, Sound Polaroids is arranged far more engagingly, somewhere along the lines of the music of Tim Hecker or Thomas Koner. The field recordings offer something of a sonic canvas for Scanner and Tonne to lay out their electronic warblings and head-bobbing techno rhythms. The listener can also take a piece of the art installation home onto their computer by accessing the bonus interactive CD-Rom software provided by the nice people of Bip-Hop. (Bip-hop)