Scalpel Transcending Human Impurity

Based out of Calgary, AB, Scalpel is a one-person electronic project - primarily instrumental, except for a few samples here and there. Most of the eight tracks on the disc move along at an even pace, giving one a bit of that "chilled out" feeling. It's not too heavy, not too assaulting and just rhythmic enough to calm the nerves. It's not necessarily dance floor material, but I don't get the feeling that was the point. Melodic, mellow and even a bit funky, at times - "Modchip," for example - the CD is flavoured with all things ranging from acid jazz to darker ambient. One of the outstanding qualities of this programmer is his versatility; all too often the songs will all sound the same, especially when there are no vocals involved. Scalpel avoids that pitfall by mixing things up a bit in every piece, adding a little something for fans from the entire electronic music spectrum. (Forensic)