Scale The Summit The Migration

Scale The SummitThe Migration
Progressive, the word by itself, is a brilliant description of Scale the Summit's newest album, The Migration. Never breaking stride, you're immediately pulled downstream into this river of energy and before you know it, the final notes on last track "The Traveler" have passed. This flow is a result of the group's ability to balance technical shredding and melodic atmospheric pieces; it is that sonic harmony that's responsible for the positive vibes resonating from The Migration. Once you start to dissect the release, you'll discover intricate layers combining numerous genres. "Narrow Salient" begins with a chugging guitar riff accompanied by a clean jazz piece, and then completely changes directions with a ruthless, classical-inspired guitar solo — at that point, you're picking pieces of your brain off the ceiling. The Migration is just that: a journey across an intangible audio landscape. I highly recommend you set aside an hour and listen to the album from beginning to end; you will not regret the experience. (Prosthetic)