Say Anything Will Say Anything for $150

Say Anything Will Say Anything for $150
Max Bemis, front-man for post-emo outfit Say Anything, recently launched an innovative marketing ploy that saw him collect $150 from people interested in having their very own Say Anything song.

Fans willing to pay the price were asked to submit a few brief paragraphs about what's going on in their lives. Once the cash was handed over, Bemis went to work penning the songs on an acoustic guitar.

The band explained the idea in a statement:

In an effort to minimize the gap between music listeners and performers, take up time on Warped Tour, and find some solution for the fact that anyone can download any of his gosh-darn albums for free, Max came up with a predictably crazy idea in a haze of sleeping medication.

Max has decided to open the door for a limited time to Say Anything fans to submit ONE to TWO paragraphs about an issue they are having, a serious problem they are going through, or even something they just felt should be written about. Max will take two to three days to deliver an acoustic, full-length, actual Say Anything song based on your experiences and what you submitted! Each song is 100 percent written by Max for YOU, the buyer.

The plan appears to have been a success, as Say Anything's merch store is no longer taking orders for custom-songs, but announces that as soon as Bemis is done with the current crop, they'll be opening the doors again.

Interestingly enough, Michigan melodic-punkers the Swellers have said via their MySpace page that they will write custom songs for free, and will even go so far as to make it sound like Say Anything.

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