Savage Republic Team Up with LTM to Compile Their Aural History

Savage Republic Team Up with LTM to Compile Their <i>Aural History</i>
Savage Republic are art rockers in the most literal sense: the band members met while studying fine arts at UCLA before embarking on a music career in the '80s, defying easy categorization by blending minimalist post-punk with tribal percussion and Middle Eastern melodies. The group, who reformed a few years ago with a different lineup, will now bring together some of their best material on the double-disc compilation Procession: An Aural History.

The album will come out via the reissuing minds of LTM, the label that has released material by classic '80s acts like the Field Mice, A Certain Ratio and the Wake. The first disc of the collection will feature 16 tracks from all five of Savage Republic's LPs (including the 2007 reunion record 1938), plus rare singles. The second CD will contain a 45-minute live album, recorded in Spain on January 30 of this year.

According to LTM's biography of Savage Republic, this show "was thought to be their last live show," but "the group members may mobilize again in the not too distant future."

The album's cover art was designed by band founder Bruce Licher. It will be out on September 6 in the UK and can be purchase via mailorder here.

Procession: An Aural History:

CD 1:

1. "The Ivory Coast"

2. "Next to Nothing"

3. "Film Noir"

4. "Mobilization"

5. "Siege"

6. "Andelusia"

7. "Ceremonial"

8. "Walking Backwards"

9. "Viva La Rock 'n' Roll"

10. "Tabula Rasa"

11. "Jamahiriya"

12. "The Birds of Pork"

13. "Sucker Punch"

14. "1938"

15. "Siam"

16. "Swordfighter"

CD 2 (live):

1. "Year of Exile" (live)

2. 'Next to Nothing" (live)

3. "Mobilization" (live)

4. "Trek" (live)

5. "Siam" (live)

6. "Viva La Rock 'n' Roll" (live)

7. "1938"

8. "Procession"