Saule Saule

Three record players, a microphone and headphones (for feedback), is all Saule used to create his eponymous album. For those who complain that s/he does not have enough gear to make a recording, this recording should be food for thought. Despite the mention of three record players, this is not a DJ turntablist-scratch-record — more like what would happen if Oval went analog. A vast, brooding soundscape is created using bits of pre-recorded music on vinyl (source recordings are not identified) while the surface hisses, crackles and pops are all integral to the sound. There are three continuous tracks, intended to soundtrack a film, likely of the experimental variety as can be surmised from the stills found in the liner notes. It is in the final track where the music picks up; a crescendo of uplifting cinematic orchestral samples. Something more adventurous than conventional scratch and beat-matching DJing occurs here, something more dependent on overtone, incidental surface noises and incidental "stuck-record” parts that contribute to an absorbing soundscape. (Sub Rosa)