Sau Poler

Paradoxes Of Progress EP

Sau PolerParadoxes Of Progress EP
Sau Poler's Paradoxes Of Progress EP has a distinctly breezy, organic feel that traverses one song to the next. Unfortunately, the five tracks that comprise this release adhere quite strictly to a formula that quickly grows predictable and formulaic — perhaps that is why this EP's title can be reduced to the initials P.O.P.

Despite the criticism, there are also some interesting things happening in these compositions, as Poler seems to be contrasting natural sounds with synthetic ones. It's thus no surprise that Poler cites Boards of Canada among his influences, but he should start to take his cues from the texture and depth of their compositions as well. The EP's techno- and house-based tracks, with their blurry soul samples, monolithic beats and bass lines, is shallow and thus becomes interchangeable with the plethora of releases that have already made ample use of this well-worn template. Unfortunately, this is an overall unremarkable release. (Atomnation)
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