Satoko Fujii & Tatsuya Yoshida Toh Kichi

Coming together from the different worlds of jazz ensemble composition (pianist Fujii) and metal/noise/jazzcore (Yoshida, drummer for Ruins) these two powerhouses turned what could have been a formless tempest of competing energies into a harnessed and focused multi-geared machine. Recorded live at the 2002 Victoriaville Festival, the duo blend lightning fast locked rhythms and time changes with improvised excursions, at times volcanic, gentle and reflective at others. Ecstatic vocalisations occasionally play a part in the mix, as does Yoshida's use of contact mics in quieter moments or when a zipper solo is called for. It is a performance that defies predictability yet provides thematic buoys for the audience member afraid of drifting too far from land. Relentlessly inventive, energetic and definitely recommended. (Victo)