Satoko Fujii Quartet Zephyros

The Satoko Fujii Quartet proves that Zephyros, Greek mythology’s god of the west wind, still blows exceedingly hard. Satoko Fujii’s compositions summon whirlwinds of sound, even on "One Summer Day.” The peaceful trumpet line that opens the composition is blown as a peacefully soft breeze. Fujii’s piano solo then develops the song into a gale force ten tempest before we are left again in the calm of a sultry afternoon. This is a band of immense technical prowess and their musical chops do everything to enhance emotional perceptions. Fujii herself favours tension-release, acceleration-deceleration, block chords, percussive pianism, dramatic single bass chords followed by simple treble notes that seem to bypass the cerebral functions and appeal directly to the sensory organs. Like music, Zephyros is an unseen force. One can’t help but be swept away in the wake by this quartet’s musicality. (Polystar)