Satanic Slaughter The Early Years: Dawn Of Darkness

This CD is a reissue of the two Satanic Slaughter discs, a band that featured the guitar genius Jensen, now of Witchery and the Haunted. Unfortunately, this reissue won't offer much more than nostalgia for those who were around in the first place and a way for Jensen fans of today to see the man's humble beginnings. Satanic Slaughter played speedy death metal with Satanic black overtones, offering little in the way of memorable songs and nothing in the way of jaw-dropping playing. There is some classic Jensen riffs here, as the man is a great metal player, but nothing close to the glory of his current outfits. The production sound on the first half of this disc is perhaps the worst I've ever heard: there is no bass, only treble, and the sound levels are awkwardly low. By the time the second half comes around, the quality level is raised, albeit slightly, but by then it just doesn't matter. Some things are best left buried. (Necropolis)