Sascha Funke / Various Boogy Bytes Vol. 02

Berlin artist Sascha Funke’s latest DJ mix and the second in BPitch’s Boogy Bytes series, is a fine example of song programming at its best. Funke takes the listener on a thrilling rollercoaster ride through deep techno, flowing naturally between minimal, acid, progressive, tech-house and classic sounds. This mix is all about flow, opening with the delicate sounds and deep sub-bass of Efdemin and Detroit influenced "Synthi” by Tomson & Daniel de la Curtis. The sounds slowly morph into more percussive body music until the high point of the mix when Funke drops 1992 classic progressive track, "Pacific Symphony” by Transformer 2. Funke’s pop tendencies are shown with the inclusion of International Pony’s epic "Our House” and tech-house track "Where We At” by Henrik Schwarz, Dixon & Âme with vocals by Derrick Carter, which owes more than a nod to Little Louis’ "Blackout.” The combination of these songs within the framework of a minimal techno mix blurs the already ambiguous and artificial boundaries between the many sub genres of electronic dance music. While many techno DJs merely mix up a collection of similar beats, Funke seems to have taken lessons from progressive and trance DJs, "telling a story with music” to borrow an over used cliché. Many DJs could learn a thing or two from the way that Sascha Funke mixes music; like a bouquet of fresh cut spring flowers, it’s just as much about the arrangement as it is about each individual blossom. (BPitch Control)