SAS-31 Au Jardin de la Maison H

SAS-31 have big ideas. They want their music to be the soundtrack for a film that has yet to be made, but the one thing that they do know is that the film will be in Cinemascope. This Quebec collective’s debut release, Au Jardin de la Maison H, is not short of ambition even though it does fall short in several other areas. The better moments sound like something that Spiritualized might have set aside six or seven years ago (at least until the singing begins), but much of the CD sounds remarkably ordinary and there’s not a whole lot that stands out amidst the 14 songs. And that’s a real pity because it appears that with a little more focus and more willingness to embrace their experimental side, SAS-31 could really come up with something very special. (L'Autre Terre)