Sarah McLachlan / Various Bloom — Remixed

Nettwerk in club-friendly remix shocker! Certainly nobody would be surprised by this, an electronic remix album of Ms. Lilith herself, and it covers all the bases: you’ve got full-on dance floor shakers by Junkie XL and DJ Hyper, a bit of down-tempo by Thievery Corporation and Talvin Singh, a truly hideous hip-hop massacre courtesy of DMC and the Black Eyes Peas. And hey, why not throw in some Sly and Robbie for good measure? So you couldn’t call it unexpected, but at the same time you couldn’t call it a disappointment either. Singh’s take on "Answer” is truly lovely, and Tom Middleton’s "Vox” remix has just enough (read: little) respect for the vocal to pull it off, in his off-kilter way. Sly and Robbie Soul-II-Soul-ify "Train Wreck” and the Junior Boys mix is strange but kind of endearing at the same time. Thievery Corporation do take the cake here though, with a delay-drenched chill-out track par excellence. None really improve on the originals, but some come close, which is all you can ask. (Nettwerk)