The Saps C'mon Already — Start A Fire

Chicago’s the Saps may not write incendiary movements and most definitely aren’t discovering new grand gestures to solve this world’s overpopulated pop rock opus, but who can blame them? Having this much fun shouldn’t be a crime. These ten energy-bursting tracks are overflowing with youthful exuberance and a party-till-you-drop mentality. Taking cues from Wilco and Pavement, being inaccessible, yet oddly accessible enough, comes naturally to these cats. The dance-y rocker "Dead Friends” hints at a need to dig deeper in the lyrics ("and the life of the party is harder to find until you are the last one around”), but the playful delivery and spastic drums warn you not to get too down and out. "Tight Lines” experiments with echo-y folk, in the same vein as Bright Eyes but with more people, and achieves the same laidback vibe the whole album emits. "Cicero” is country-sprinkled perfection. The Saps will grow up in a few years and may never write an album this freewheeling again, so enjoy it while it lasts. Grab a beer and let the good times roll!