Santogold, Julian Casablancas & Pharrell Williams "My Drive Thru"

Santogold, Julian Casablancas & Pharrell Williams "My Drive Thru"
No, this oddly teamed curiosity is not for charity, but for profit, on behalf of Converse, the brand that just about everyone can jointly appreciate without it weighing on their conscience. (Because who hasn’t owned a pair of Chucks?)

Titled the "Three Artists, One Song” campaign, Converse has gathered a selection of indie celebs to collaborate in honour of the sneaker manufacturer’s century birthday. Names that will drop tracks like this one in the future are Kid Sister, MGMT, Bradford Cox (Deerhunter, Atlas Sound), Eleanor Friedberger (the Fiery Furnaces), Does It Offend You, Yeah? and YACHT.

Santogold (aka Santi White) and Pharrell is a great pairing that had Cons not brought them together, the former’s impressive debut would have. You can just imagine Pharrell having her name on his list of artists to produce. Obviously the odd man out here is Julian Casablancas, front-man for the Strokes, who seems a little too torn jeans and rock’n’roll for the likes of the big N*E*R*D and a cool, genre-jumping gal.

And surprisingly, to my ears, the oddness works. Pharrell keeps the production simple, using the repeat button steadily for a fat bouncing beat and a Strokes-approved riff. It’s a little funny, since you can hear the artistic elements of each appear just as their voices do. The beat represents Pharrell, the riff Julian, and that creeping organ, well, Pharrell again, but just as much Ms. White.

According to Santogold the process was simple: "Julian and I, I mean everybody on it does there own separate thing and we didn't do it together so it ends up being just this weird long song with sort of everybody with lots of their own personalities separate." Round one works.

Santogold, Julian Casablancas & Pharrell Williams "My Drive Thru”