Santigold "Go" (ft. Karen O)

Santigold 'Go' (ft. Karen O)
Back in 2008, we spent the spring and summer dancing along to Santigold's infectious debut album. The next year, it was Yeah Yeah Yeahs' It's Blitz. That's why we couldn't be more pleased that Santigold has released a new track called "Go," featuring a guest spot from Yeah Yeah Yeahs vocalist Karen O.

The track came out through Jay-Z's Life + Times website. Go here to listen to the ultra-catchy tune and to read an interview with Santigold. She explains how the Karen O collaboration came about and discusses the involvement of Q-Tip, who helped with the writing process and production.

It sounds like this is just the beginning of the new music that we will be hearing from the singer. When asked about her next move, she said, "Getting my album out once and for all! So much red tape! Shit, I make music to be heard!"