Sandoz Live in the Earth: Sandoz in Dub Chapter 2

Sandoz is right: former Cabaret Voltaire member Richard H. Kirk likes his dub on the sleepy side it seems because on this second instalment of electro dub Kirk is again content to pull out none of the stops. ’Doz appears to operate on the perception that you can make a dub record by looping a singular groove and getting someone to "Rasta Talk 101” on the microphone with all the inappropriate appropriation of as many Rastafari symbols as possible (song titles like "Africa (Jahsay),” "I and I Meditation” and "Thousand Year Dread” are at least milder than Chapter One’s "Chant to Jah” and "King Dread”). Most songs go absolutely nowhere — it’s like Kirk forgot dub is supposed to be, oh I don’t know, interesting and experimental. "Sit in Judgment” comes closest to the true spirit of dub, but that’s really only because Kirk uses a different sample for the offbeat rhythm chanks (seriously, four of these eight songs have the exact same sample in the same key). I suggest doing what Lee Perry would do if he came across this album: walk backwards away from it and get yourself a stiff drink. (Soul Jazz)