Sandman Viper Command Everybody See This

It's not often that Burlington, ON produces a brew of indie rock that doesn't ooze of frat house summer soundtracks and Saturday afternoons at the shopping mall, but Sandman Viper Command have achieved the improbable: making an album in their hometown that sounds nothing like it should. Lead single "Strawberry Quick" is fast and slithery rock'n'roll at its finest, while tougher tracks like "Yo Bobcat" and "The Money I've Spent" are the sound of a young band full of attitude demanding your attention. Even with the valiant effort put forth on "Dial M" though, the image of four kids in their parents' basement doesn't dissolve as easily as it should, but you have to start somewhere, right? While musically solid and lyrically impressive, Everybody See This lacks a sense of cohesion that generally comes with age, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. In a world full of Macbooks and Auto-Tune, a return to rock'n'roll that takes its time can be very refreshing. (Independent)