Sanctity Road To Bloodshed

Asheville, North Carolina’s Sanctity were discovered by Trivium. Sanctity also toured with Trivium. Certain members of the band even look like they’re in Trivium. Without even listening to Road To Bloodshed, one can say that Sanctity are, basically, Trivium. Then you put on Sanctity’s new full-length. Well, if it looks and sounds like a duck, then it probably is one, and this duck is especially lame. Records that sound frighteningly similar to Trivium’s The Crusade shouldn’t exist, and this almost note-for-note clone should be placed in said category. Although I’d rather not write about Trivium ever, even Sanctity’s target market will surely be able to identify the very similar sound. The familiar formula is all over this record: Hetfield-worshipping riffs, twin-melody guitar lines and the unfathomably annoying singing style that shifts from shouting to unbearable "clean” vocals. Sanctity may end up striking a chord with 15 year olds with long hair, which would suck because many metal fans will end up longing for the days when metalcore and screamo ruled the hard rock spotlight and not cookie-cutter metal such as this. (Roadrunner)