San Serac Three

A mystery band, I know nothing of San Serac - their CD, Three, carries a minimal amount of information and the straightforward, upbeat songs have a lot in common with Cake's poppier moments, but they are interspersed with some more peculiar ones that almost make you think that you might even be listening to a compilation CD. There's a hint towards weirdness in the CD booklet, where it does admit that there's a cover of Sun Ra's "Love In Outer Space" hidden away at the end, which should have tipped me off. But when the distortion-laden chant of "Make The Machines Work For Us" started up, it still caught me off guard. While an air of mystery can sometimes be an intriguing thing, I really don't feel that I've been given a strong enough incentive on Three to find out more about San Sarec. (Frogman Jake)