Sames You Are the Sames

The Sames take a wall of sound approach to their standby genre — their obvious Superchunk/Polvo influences lie beneath a thick fog of diamond fuzz. It's a good approach, and the band use some interesting musical resources to distinguish their sound. "The Light That We've Bent" has a snow-palace shimmer and some impressive harmonies, and "Bomb Scare" brings Superchunk's Foolish to mind, with rock'n'roll licks hardening otherwise sappy music like a tattoo showing underneath a T-shirt sleeve. The Sames could take a few liberties as far as time-signatures and tempos are concerned — these beats have been beaten thousands of times before, and they hinder the Sames' progression down the indie rock lineage. They've worked on their own sound enough to merit a better vehicle — why refinish the old lemon if the ride remains the same? "Honorary Wilmingtonian" sounds kind of like Dinosaur Jr. fronted by the Beach Boys, and "Like A Song (Really)" sounds like the Beach Boys fronted by the Arcade Fire. The album is like a multi-guitar salute to early ’90s college rock, with a few new tricks up its sleeve and a forward march after the ceremony is complete. Like a kid who pisses himself upon meeting his idol for the first time and goes on to make a hit record the following year, the Sames are not bashful about their influences, but they're onto something. (Pox World Empire)