Salt Lake City Ignoramus Up In Arms Over New Pornographers Concert

Salt Lake City Ignoramus Up In Arms Over New Pornographers Concert
As Matador Records pointed out via the label's Twitter yesterday (May 10), a Salt Lake City, UT resident is getting just a little too flustered about a band whose name she's taking a tad too seriously.

In a letter to the editor of the Salt Lake Tribune, Salt Lake City's Bethany Brinton sounded off about her indignation at the fact that the city's Mayor Ralph Becker would schedule a band dubbed the New Pornographers to perform as part of the city's Twilight Concert Series, several late-night shows in Salt Lake that have nothing to do with Stephenie Meyer.

Brinton's full, unedited letter is as follows:

In this time of moral and financial crisis, Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker is going to build a stage in Pioneer Park and invite the rock group the New Pornographers perform ("Twilight to bring booze, big acts to Salt Lake City's Pioneer Park - will it stay?" Tribune , April 30). Please tell me this is a final April Fool's joke.

Considering Becker's agenda of "fairness," to whom is even the name "New Pornographers" being fair to? Is it fair to the victims of the 6,500 registered sex offenders in Utah? Why does Becker want to promote thoughts about pornography, which contributes to crimes against women and children? Whose side is he on?

The Twilight Concerts also announced that priority is to bring in alcohol for the concert. My father was killed by a drunken driver. Is Becker going to provide rides for those who get drunk from the alcohol he brings in for a city event?

To be fair to the majority of citizens, how about some decent, respectful entertainment for them? I asked my neighbors in the Avenues what they thought of bringing the New Pornographers and they were equally disturbed.

Bethany Brinton
Salt Lake City

Our favourite parts? Well, besides the obvious hilarity of taking a band's moniker so literally, it's pretty great that Brinton asks "whose side is he on?," referring to either the sex offenders or the women and children. While we regret Brinton having tragically lost her father to a drunk driver, it's also pretty ludicrous that she could be upset that alcohol is being provided at, of all places, a rock concert.

And her über-conservative, pent-up circle of neighbours were "equally disturbed"? Call an ambulance, we're in shock.

The New Pornographers' new album, Together, is out now.