Sally Shapiro To Release A Second Remix of Romance

Sally Shapiro To Release A Second Remix of <i>Romance</i>
It’s only been six months since Paper Bag Records treated us to Sally Shapiro’s lovely Disco Romance here in North America, and we’re already getting a full-on remix album featuring a number of in-demand producers, DJs and bands. Remix Romance Vol. 1 comes at us on April 15, featuring the imaginations of Junior Boys, Lindstrøm, Juan Maclean, Holy Fuck, Woodhands, Skatebård… I could go on forever, or like, another four names. In fact, Paper Bag has hooked up with shit-hot MP3 host RCRD LBL to give a sneak preview, with an exclusive stream of Junior Boys’ remix for Sally’s "Jackie Junior.” Click here to listen.

But, wait, a minute! What have we here? Another volume, already? Yeppers. On June 17, Paper Bag will release another volume of Remix Romance featuring Dntel, the Russian Futurists, legendary Italo disco dude Alexander Robotnick and Sally’s own producer, Johan Agebjörn, who gives "Find My Soul” a fill of some Norwegian electrojazz.

About the surplus of remixes, Agebjörn said, "It's kind of mad to release two remix albums, but I hope that people will agree with us that it was a good thing to do - Sally's voice seems to interest a lot of musicians to work with. It's flattering of course, especially when it's producers that you admire.”

Here are the tracklistings for the two albums:

Remix Romance Vol. 1
1. I'll be by Your Side [Tensnake Remix]
2. I Know You're My Love [Juan MacLean Remix]
3. Find My Soul [Holy Fuck Remix]
4. Anorak Christmas [Woodhands Remix]
5. He Keeps Me Alive [Skatebård Remix]
6. Hold Me So Tight [The Cansecos Remix]
7. Skating in the Moonshine [Jon Brooks Remix]
8. Jackie Junior [Junior Boys Remix]
9. Time to Let Go [Lindstrøm Remix]
10. Sleep in my Arms [Between Interval Remix]

Remix Romance Vol. 2
1. Time to Let Go [CFCF Remix]
2. I Know [SLL Remix]
3. Find My Ghost [Dntel Remix]
4. Skating in the Moonshine [Solvent Remix]
5. I'll Be By Your Side [Russian Futurists Remix]
6. Time to Let Go [Spitzer Remix]
7. Anorak Christmas [Alexander Robotnick Remix]
8. Hold Me So Tight [Dyylan Remix]
9. Find My Soul [Johan Agebjörn's Norwegian Electrojazz Mix]
10. Jackie Jackie [Dyylan's Subzero Nocturne]

Sally Shapiro "Jackie Jackie”