Saint Pepsi Seemingly Forced to Change His Name Due to Complaint from Pepsi

Saint Pepsi Seemingly Forced to Change His Name Due to Complaint from Pepsi
For a couple of years now, Ryan DeRobertis has been producing electronic music under the name Saint Pepsi. It looks as if this might soon change, however, as soft drink giant Pepsi has apparently requested that he drop his moniker.

The remixer extraordinaire made the announcement on Facebook, although he doesn't seem to have posted the news on his public fan page. According to The 405, he made this good-natured statement abut the dispute:

just wanted to briefly let you know that a big boy corporation has a tiny problem with the name of one of my music projects! they were gracious enough to entertain the thought of a possible collaboration, a "meeting of the minds", but amicably decided that the potential liability of my future actions was too great a risk to consciously allow me to carry own using the moniker.

it's cool though! in the time i've been using this name i've met some of the most amazing people in the world, and their love and support has enabled me to grow into a fighting chance of an artist. as such, i am in a very powerful creative stage in my career and could not possibly let a dispute over a name slow down my momentum. i'm currently living in dreams and i can't thank each and every one of you enough for believing in me and pushing me further into my fantasies. i hope i continue to make you proud no matter what my first album is released under!

As of press time, DeRobertis hasn't made an official statement on any of Saint Pepsi's social media accounts, although his Twitter name was briefly "FKA SAINT PEPSI" (as of press time it's now RYAN XCX). He's also retweeted a message alluding to the end of the moniker. Although DeRobertis may not be able to continue on as Saint Pepsi, we can doubtless expect to hear more music from him soon enough.