Saidah Baba Talibah

Main Stage, Regina SK, August 9

Saidah Baba TalibahMain Stage, Regina SK, August 9
Photo: Peter Scoular
Saidah Baba Talibah's a relatively fresh face for a full main stage set at the Regina Folk Festival. Just consider who she was sandwiched between: on one side, headliner, Serena Ryder, a Canadian artist who's spent years building herself up to pop recognition in this country; on the other side, the Indigo Girls, Atlanta, GA's finest folk duo, no doubt, for almost three decades.

Who's Saidah to be claiming the stage, then, between these acts, with a single album, 2011's (S)cream, to her name? She's a great entertainer, for one, a hardworking frontwoman for a hardworking band. Her driving blues-rock — "raunchy soul," if you ask her Facebook page — may not be in vogue, but it was built for the live show. With her powerful vocals and non-stop energy all matched by a rocking band seemingly loving every minute of it, Saidah certainly entertained the hell out of the crowd.
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