Said the Whale "Holly, Ontario" (Teen Daze Remix)

Said the Whale 'Holly, Ontario' (Teen Daze Remix)
Last week, Vancouver, BC pop rockers Said the Whale suffered a setback when thousands of dollars worth of gear was stolen from their trailer while they were on tour in California. Thankfully, the group aren't letting that stop them from releasing new music, as they just unveiled a new remix from prolific BC electro up-and-comer Teen Daze.

Go here for a free download of the synth-dappled remake of "Holly, Ontario," the gentle folk song that closes out the band's 2009 LP, Islands Disappear.

The remix strips out the mellow acoustic guitars entirely, chopping up singer Ben Worcester's vocals and adding thudding beats. Despite the dance floor-friendly makeover, the shimmering electronics are every bit as lovely as the original.