Sahara Hotnights Jennie Bomb

Sahara Hotnights create rabblerousing music, traversing from serrated pop to strutting new wave and unruly garage rock. Similar to current garage rock luminaries the Hives, Sahara Hotnights formed in Sweden while band members - now in their early 20s - were too young to drive, and the proficiency acquired from numerous years spent playing together is transparently evident throughout the disc. Following a couple of releases available in Europe, Jennie Bomb marks the band's proper musical introduction to North America, displaying their unwavering ability to write outstanding hooks. Maria Anderson's brazen vocals are superb, Jennie Asplund and Anderson's guitars are expertly taut and the rhythm section, composed of Johanna Asplund on bass and Josephine Forsman on drums, is consistently sturdy, driving each song with compelling force. "Down and Out" charges with vigorous melodic impulsion, gliding seamlessly into the infectious and downhearted pop of "Only the Fakes Survive." Occasionally songs churn with energy somewhat evocative of the Saints, or the Cynics at their snarl-baring best. "Alright Alright," "No Big Deal," "Keep Up the Speed" and "Out of the System" are rousing, fists in the air anthems. Whether pinning volume levels into the red or constructing extraordinary pop melodies, the band writes songs that glow with gifted fervour. Hopefully the present rock revival will last long enough for Sahara Hotnights to gain the attention they rightfully deserve. (Jetset)