Sadus Out For Blood

One of the more underrated bands of the early ’90s thrash/death period, California’s Sadus always rode the line between the two genres nicely. Always technically adept and happy to show it, the band showcased the abilities of bassist extraordinaire Steve DiGiorgio (Death, Testament, uh, Sebastian Bach). Here, Steve’s playing a double-necked bass with ten strings or something ludicrous like that. And yeah, the bass is cranked up in the mix as always, but damned if it’s not good playing. But is the album good? It starts off promising enough with a fairly raging thrasher in "In the Name of…” but things go downhill fast. For their first album in seven years, the band have decided to add in a huge amount of big-bounce groove. Amazingly, it works in "No More,” but songs like "Smackdown” or "Sick” are completely embarrassing, and "Down” is a low no one ever could have imagined this band would hit 15 years ago. Even the thrashier songs like "Freak” are just dull. Sounding like a band trying to be hip, I’m sure even teenage nu-metal fans are wrinkling their nose at this. No doubt death metallers will. About 20 percent enjoyable, and way the hell too long, this one is a real shocker. It’s painful when a great band begin to fall, but with Out for Blood, Sadus are clearly heading down. Let’s hope for a return to form next time out. (The End)