Sadgiqacea False Prism

SadgiqaceaFalse Prism
The debut from Philadelphia, PA sludge-mongers Sadgiqacea contrasts a fat, wet guitar tone with crisp doom drumming and abrasive, blackened vocals. Stretching 40 minutes across four monumental tracks, the duo combine elements of doom, shoegaze, aggressive sludge and even some field recordings into a vast and varied textural journey. The tracks have the looping, elliptical, ever-evolving structures that have been favoured by post-metal giants Neurosis and Isis, but their muscular, emotive drumming also evokes comparisons to Kylesa. Sadgiqacea do an excellent job of creating tension via the throbbing, coiling way the songs move, roil, unfurl and transform, but what makes False Prism stand out are the moments where the music transfigures, becomes minimal and unnerving, like the eerie strings at the end of "False Segments" and the hissing, mournful bleakness near the conclusion of "True Darkness." Though this is their first full-length, Sadgiqacea refined their sound and aesthetic over an EP and a pair of splits before this release appeared, and that time and consideration show. False Prism is a seething, captivating album that is out to draw blood. (Candlelight)