Sadat X Wild Cowboys II

Sadat X Wild Cowboys II
A new album from Sadat X (aka Derek Murphy)? Yes, please. A long-awaited sequel to 1996's wildly underrated Wild Cowboys solo debut? I am there. Backed by beats from Pete Rock, Diamond D and 9th Wonder? Damn, I already said I was there! The nasally voiced NYC MC returns with a 16-track CD (his seventh solo effort) that sees the Brand Nubian alumni in optimum form. Musically and lyrically, Sadat X takes it back to the boom-bap without this sounding like a pretentious throwback. Indeed, life post-prison ― Murphy did time a couple of years back for carrying a loaded gun ― hasn't dulled his flow or relevance in the least. Case in point: "Turn It Up," featuring Pete Rock; the saucy single rides hard while simultaneously sounding chronologically displaced ― most of the tracks sound as if they've emerged from a time capsule. This isn't a diss, as the entire project sees Sadat's sonic impact intact. Add to the mix guests on cuts like "Wherever," featuring Shabaam Sahdeeq, the inevitable Brand Nubian collabo with Grand Puba and Lord Jamar on "Long Years," and assorted spots by heads like Kurupt and Rhymefest, and Wild Cowboys II admirably aims to recapture that mid- to late '90s vibe.

Why is now the time to drop the sequel to Wild Cowboys?
In travelling, a lot of people would ask me what was up with the message of the first album and asked me if I would ever do a follow up. So I thought about it and thought, "why not?"

What motivates you to do music at this stage in your career?
I still love it. I still love hip-hop. The love of the music; I write what's around me. I just make the music. It's not about the age or demographic; I still go to the studio several times a week. I still got that fire.

How has your sound evolved over the years?
It's matured; it's matured as I've gotten older and wiser. So my subject content may be a little bit stronger.

What should fan expect from this album?
They should expect a couple of surprises. There are a couple of guests that you normally wouldn't connect with Sadat X. (Fat Beats)